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Swimmin​g Pool Resurfacing 

& Remodeling  

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Stateside has been a trusted contractor for over 20 years serving the Mid Atlantic Region providing services to pool owners, pool industry professionals, as well as pool manufacturers. Stateside works on over 500 pools a year from pool coatings to pool joint caulking and waterproofing. Stateside only uses quality materials such as polysulfide underwater caulk, Sika 2CNS for deck and coping joints, ecoFINISH for resurfacing plaster and fiberglass pools.  As with any job the finish product is only as good as the preparation. Pool coatings used require specific preparation as we follow a strict guideline on each and every pool to assure the finish is not only aesthetically pleasing, but, performs the way it's intended. 

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Plaster & Fiberglass 

Pool Resurfacing​

Above are just a few of the many ecoFINISH colors avaliable. 

All colors are the same price, no upcharge on different colors.

10 year warranty on material ecoFINISH

2 year labor warranty on ecoFINISH


Color Uniformity

Compared to colored masonry finishes, ecoFINISH  has a more uniform color across the entire swimming pool as the pool ages, 

the finish will not mottle or fade in larger blotchy clouds. 

Chemical Resistant, pH Neutral

Unlike plaster and pebble finishes that leach minerals into the pool water,  the non porous, smooth and pH neutral ecoFINISH won't counter balance with your swimming pool's water chemistry. No need to brush your pool down for two weeks after application, just balance and swim. No need to fill the pool to cure the product, ecoFINISH dries almost immediately, which means you can fill the pool with a hose if you choose. 

Drinking Water Safe


ecoFINISH is a scientifically formulated aquatic coating devised to tackle the issues of traditional gelcoat finishes. The thermo-polymer coating is long lasting and does not chip or peel. Fill immediately and enjoy your fiberglass pool. Can withstand the movement of the fiberglass pool shell. 

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Stateside Pools & ecoFINISH

P​laster Pool Resurfacing

Fiberglass Pool Resurfacing

Stateside Pool Remodeling

Stateside pools uses Sikaflex2cns on pool coping and deck joints. We use polysulfide caulk on underwater pool expansion joints,

Deck-0-seal gun grade, and Pecora Synthacaulk GC2. 

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